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  The Gentleman of the Senate: Oregon’s Mark Hatfield tells the story of the life and legacy of the most influential elected official in Oregon’s history.  Through conversations with former staff members, Senate colleagues, and other figures in Oregon politics, The Gentleman of the Senate examines Mark Hatfield’s approach to leadership while outlining his remarkable record in office. Focusing on his years in the U.S. Senate, the film examines how his leadership approach served him well on big issues of the day, including:  Early opposition to the Vietnam War, a stance that nearly cost him his first campaign for the U.S. Senate. His consistent view on issues of human life from opposition to abortion and capital punishment to his dedication to healthcare. His leadership against the proliferation of nuclear weapons. A willingness to stand alone for what he believed by casting the deciding vote against the balanced budget amendment. The 55 interviews conducted for the film encompasses a range of people including President Bill Clinton, former U.S. Senate colleagues like Sen. Bob Packwood (R-OR) and the late Sen. Daniel Inoyue (D-HI), as well as Oregon leaders and many former staff members who worked daily with Sen. Hatfield. The Gentleman of the Senate: Oregon’s Mark Hatfield is more than a history lesson about a true Oregon icon. It is a roadmap on how to lead with integrity, compassion, and consistency while holding strong to the values that guide you. Stream the film online here for $1 via the link below. The film is available to checkout on DVD via most libraries in Oregon. It is also available for purchase on DVD via the Oregon Historical Society.

Digital: The Gentleman of the Senate: Oregon's Mark Hatfield